Saturday, March 16, 2013


Sandy: What about a rhino?
Dan: What about a rhino!
Seth: No, a beaver--
Dan: No, rhino.
Emily: You can poach them for their horns!
Seth: you can poach anything!
Emily: No, that's why they're so aggressive.
Seth: kidding? so are beavers!
Emily: I like how a rhino looks like a dinosaur. But they don't seem very pleasant. I'd give them a 0 for personality, 5 for style. Accessories, a 4. That horn is cool.
Dan: so you'd say overall a 3?
Emily: Overall, 2. 2.5. 3.
Here's a terrible song about rhinos.
Dan: Okay, I'll go. But you all have to rate a rhino first.
Seth. 3 and a half.
Jackie: They stamp out fires!
Seth: They're only poached by humans, they don't give a shit about anything, and they'll fuck you up if you try!
Jackie: They will run you up trees though.
Dan: what rating?
Jackie: 4
Emily: what did you rate it?
Dan: I mean, I'd give it better than a horse, like 3.5
Emily: horse is good for everything. Rhino's good for almost nothing.

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