Saturday, March 16, 2013


Dan: What's the best animal?
Emily: In the world? I don't know. I would say a horse is a pretty good animal. You can use it for farm, you can use it to ride on, you can make glue out of it, it likes people, you can pat it,
Sandy: Transportation...
Emily: and it likes people! And it comes in different types. Like spotted or plain.
Dan: so like five stars, for a horse?
Emily: Yeah, five.
Seth: Five stars for a horse.
Jackie: Five.
Dan: You know, I'm just going to give a horse two stars.
Emily: Why?
Dan: Kind of to be contrarian.
Seth: Say something bad about a horse.
Dan: Uh, it's too big.
Emily: What animal's bigger than a horse?
Dan: And it's not cute.
Emily: Frogs aren't cute.
Dan: argh, there are too many videos of horses on Youtube. What should I post?
Seth: There is no way he doesn't have the lyrics in front of him right now.
Dan: no no, not at all. Sandy, you didn't rate it. Five also?
Sandy: Yep!
Dan: dammit.
Emily: It's also one of the hardest animals to draw.

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