Saturday, March 16, 2013


They are good at rolling their Rs. It is not a bunch of individual sounds, it is one big sound. RRrrrRRRrrr. On the other hand, they are sometimes poisonous. But you can tell which ones are the poisonous ones, and you can just look at them instead of licking them.
Dan: Frogs, what do you think?
Sandy: Frogs? I love frogs. You got me there.
Emily: I would give frogs 4 stars. Why not? They're cool, they jump, they make beautiful summer music. You can look for them in a little pond. That is something fun to do.
Sandy: We're talking about frogs here. What's the rating?
Seth (talks about something else)
Sandy: Seth. Frogs?
Seth (keeps talking about something else)
Jackie: actually, toads, 4. There's a video about a frog sitting like a human.
Dan: what about frogs, though?
Jackie: frogs? 3. 2.
Seth: there are all kinds of frogs! Colorful ones, psychedelic ones even...
Emily: I want to rate frogs... what did I rate it before? 4? Nah, 3.5.
Dan: if we brought toads to this party, would you go?
Emily: Sure.
Jackie: Toadally.
Emily: That's what I should have said.
Dan: Seth, you've still got to put in a rating.
Seth: I like frogs. I'd say a 4. They're adaptable, they can jump high, they're beautiful, you can get high off them, you can kill people with them, they're pretty! They're cool!
Emily: They're really a cool animal. And you can eat them. 

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